Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Student Affairs and Services

Dean of Student Affairs
Levinsky College of Education considers its students to be its greatest asset and the source of its pride. Students come from all walks of life, represent Israel's varied demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and reflect multiple cultural and ethnic influences. They appreciate their differences and see them as the source of our strength as a community and a nation.

LCE provides a range of services and activities to help students make a successful transition to college life and to enhance a healthy learning environment that complements the our academic programs.

The Dean of Student Affairs offers advice and information on the full range of funding available to students lacking financial resources. Students with learning disabilities or those called up for army reserve duty are offered special assistance. To help mothers attend classes and fulfill their academic requirements, LCE maintains nursing facilities and a kindergarten on campus.

Contact the Dean at dean@levinsky.ac.il

The Dean of Student Affairs provides additional services to students. These include:

Center for Counselling and Support (Metar)
The Center for Counselling and Support was established especially to serve students with special needs. It assists with accomodations for exams, guidance in organizing time, organizing information, learning strategies and more. Freshman students with a valid diagnostic report are advised to bring it and their LCE acceptance documents to the Registrar's Office, which will forward them to the Center.
New Olim should advise the Dean of Students or the Center of their status.
Tel +972 3 6901509.

Center for evaluation and diagnosis of learning range (Min-ad)
The Center is open to LCE students and those preparing for the psychometric exam alike. The learning evaluator is a computerized system of tests and questionnaires developed by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation to assess candidates for higher education, and students seeking special accommodation for exams and tutoring due to a learning disability and/or ADHD. The evaluation determines students' eligibility for psychometric and academic accomodations.
dean@levinsky.ac.il Center at minad@levinsky.ac.il.

LCE maintains an outstanding library devoted to education and to music education that contains a wealth of information and materials. Click here for further information.

Center for Educational Planning (Merchavim)
The Center's services are available to all students throughout their years of study at LCE, and includes centers for the teaching of all programs, including mathematics, Arabic, English and Jewish culture. The Center counsels and provides training in academic writing, research methods and statistics, English as a study language, academic disciplines and their teaching, training with respect to early childhood education issues, and more. The Center maintains a multimedia library and workstations on related subjects.

Students' Union
The LCE Students' Union represents all LCE students before the various institutions of the College. It maintains constant contact with the Dean of Student Affairs concerning the welfare of individual students, and organizes social and cultural activities. The LCE Students' Union is affiliated with the National Union of Israeli Students.
Contact the Union at aguda@levinsky.ac.il