Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Research and Centers


The Research, Evaluation, and Development Authority
The Authority conducts both internal and external institutional research and professional development by the academic faculty. The Authority incorporates a research facility for Early Childhood Education and The Shakhak Center for Language, Society and Communication.

The Center for Support in Learning and Teaching

The Center designs and constructs educational material within digital teaching environments and promotes innovative technological and pedagogical initiatives for lecturers and students.

Meitar, the Center for Multi-Disciplinary Guidance and Support

A Center for students in need of assistance in accessing academic studies due to learning disabilities and other limitations.

Diagnostic Center for Adult Learning Disabilities

Center for Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and the provision of test accommodations in Institutions of Higher Education.


The College has an extensive, up-to-date library focusing on education, as well as a special library for music and music education.

The Levin Kipnis Center

A research institute for the teaching and preservation of children's literature.

The School for Continuing Education  

Professional development for teachers, principals, counselors, aides, and the general public. The International School operates under its auspices, offering academic collaboration between the College and other institutions, members of faculty and students from various countries around the world.

Pre-Academic Preparatory Program

Preparatory program to improve matriculation grades or to complete a full matriculation certificate.

Designated Preparatory Program

Preparatory program for study towards a Bachelor of Education degree at Levinsky College of Education.