Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Bachelor of Education Studies

Studies towards a Bachelor of Education degree at Levinsky College of Education are designed for students holding an Israeli high school graduation certificate and matriculation examination certificate who wish to pursue a teaching career.


Programs for education and early childhood education

Studies are designed for candidates interested in joining a variety of educational and community frameworks, including day care centers, private kindergartens, nursery schools and kindergartens, and first and second grades in primary schools. Two programs are offered: Training for pre-school teachers, and training for pre-school and for first- and second-grade teaching.

Program for elementary school teaching

Studies are designed for training educators and teachers for pupils in first through sixth grades. Two programs are offered: Training for primary school teaching and integrated training for primary school and special education teaching.

Program for special education teaching

Studies are designed to train educators who are specialists in teaching children with special needs in all educational frameworks from age 6 to 21, including those with intellectual deficits, multiple learning impairments, communication impairments, sensory impairments, and emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as frameworks that integrate pupils with special needs in regular classes, special education classes in regular schools, and other settings.

Program for music education

Graduates of this program are granted a B.Ed. degree and a music-teaching certificate valid for instructing all ages from pre-school through secondary school. The program is designed for students with a background in music who wish to study music education so that they can enjoy challenging work with a variety of learner groups in a variety of educational and community settings: primary, middle and secondary schools, plus special education, adult education, golden age, toddlers and more.


Department of Bible Studies

Bible studies focus on the study of the Bible and its interpretation; biblical law; biblical historiography; prophecy from ancient to classical; leadership and society; wisdom literature; liturgy; and major personalities, men and women alike, who influenced the thought of the biblical generations.

Department of Judaism and Jewish Heritage

The Department strives to create and deepen the sense of belonging to the People of Israel and its creations, and to provide graduates with an orientation to the classic Jewish bookshelf in the belief that such knowledge is an essential foundation for any educator working in Israel.

Department of Art Studies

The Department joins the world of art with the world of education. The teaching staff of top-notch professionals includes senior lecturers and experts in the plastic arts.

Department of Hebrew Language Studies

The Department trains teachers in comprehension and expression in the Hebrew language. It provides its graduates with theoretical knowledge about Hebrew, including current research in all its aspects, in addition to didactic skills and teaching experience in all LCE programs: Early Childhood Education, Primary School Education, Secondary School Education and Special Education, including teaching of language, comprehension and expression in preparation for language matriculation exams.

Department of English Language Studies

The Department's curriculum is designed for students who seek to teach English to diverse age groups in primary and post-primary schools, and who seek a fascinating challenge in the linguistic, cultural, developmental and pedagogical aspects of teaching English as a foreign language.

Department of Hebrew and General Literature Studies

The Department's curriculum is multi-disciplinary, and focuses on teaching literature to elementary and middle school pupils, including to pupils in special education streams. The connections between art forms place the department at the forefront of Israeli cultural endeavor by directing students to the contemporary art scene around the world, while acknowledging our classical literary heritage, and especially our Hebrew literary heritage.

Department of Children's Literature

The Department of Children's Literature, unique among all similar departments in Israeli colleges and universities, brings a multi-disciplinary approach to children's literature. Its curriculum enables students to encounter the many and varied aspects of children's literature. At its center is literary theory, diverging into such areas as child psychology, literacy, education, folklore, language, illustration, music and movement.

Department of Science and Nature

Israel is among the world leaders in life science research and development. By empowering teachers to appropriately stimulate children from as young as pre-school age and right through the higher grades, the Department helps ensure the continuing leadership of Israeli science. We place before our students majoring in this broad teaching arena advanced technologies that aid in science instruction, and encourage them to undertake their own research studies. These studies are carried out under the guidance of external lecturers or researchers.

Department of Mathematics and Computers

All undergraduate training programs at LCE include courses within the Department of Mathematics and Computers. A unique program for training mathematics teachers is offered within the curriculum for post-elementary education that also serves to train mathematics teachers who can serve as coordinators of information and communication technologies in schools. The elementary school program offers a specialization in mathematics integrated with studies in information technology, while the special education program offers a specialization in treatment of learning disabilities such as dyscalculia.