Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Faculty of Education


Dean: Dr. Lia Laor

Administration: Ms. Sima Ben

+972 3 6901502

The Faculty of Education provides students with several paths by which to obtain a degree. These include studies in education and teacher training leading to B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees, as well as the unique M.Teach (Master of Teaching) degree.
B.Ed. students engage in formal studies combined with field practice in all teaching areas: early childhood education, primary school, post-primary and special education.
M.Ed. students study teaching instruction, early childhood education and special education, integrated with education and teaching certification in the M.Teach program.
Based on current approaches to teacher education, the Faculty aims to develop teachers who are able to transmit required knowledge to their pupils while conveying a love of learning. Our graduates are knowledgeable, skilled, caring, involved in their communities, and continue to develop personally and professionally throughout their careers.

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Department of Teaching
The Department of Teaching takes students through all the steps of their professional development, from their entry into the world of teaching and throughout their career.

The Department is responsible for:

  • In-school training
  • School partnerships
  • Community involvement
  • Professional development and advancement

Department of Education
Department of Early Childhood Education
The Department of Early Childhood Education includes all LCE early childhood education programs.
  • B.Ed. in early childhood education
  • M.Ed. in early childhood education
  • Center for Early Childhood Education
  • Special Academic and Research Magazine
Department of Special Education
The Department of Special Education includes all LCE special education programs.
  • B.Ed. in special education
  • M.Ed. in special education