Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Faculty of Multidisciplinary Programs


Dean: Prof. Ilana Elkad-Lehman

Administration: Ms. Rosa Reshef

+972 3 6901667

The Faculty of Multidisciplinary Programs offers undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as studies for holders of academic degrees retraining as teachers.
Studies in the Faculty give the student up-to-date academic knowledge in the principal school subjects taught to all age groups. Successful completion of studies in one of the Faculty's departments is a condition for granting a teaching certificate.
For studies leading to a B.Ed., for degree-holders studying for a teaching certificate, and for completion studies leading to an M.Teach degree, the Faculty maintains departments in several areas: English, Mathematics, Biology and Sciences, Art, Bible, Literature, Children's Literature, Hebrew Language, and Judaism.
Students pursuing an M.Ed. study in the unique program, Language Education in a Multicultural Society. This program deals with multilingualism and multiculturalism, teaching Hebrew, English and Arabic languages, and teaching literature to all age groups.
Incorporated within the Faculty is the Levin Kipnis Center for Children's Literature Research, which offers students and researchers study resources and publishes the academic journal Studies in Children's Literature.

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Departments of the Faculty of Multidisciplinary Programs

  • Department of Art
  • Department of Biblical Studies
  • Department of Children's Literature
  • Department of English Language Teaching
  • Department of Hebrew and General Literature
  • Department of Hebrew Language Studies
  • Department of Judaism and Jewish Thought
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Science and Nature