Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

The Faculty of Music Education


Dean: Dr. Eitan Ornoy


Administration: Mrs. Maayan Amir


At the Faculty of Music Education we seek to enhance music studies in the educational system and to instill a love of music in people of all ages. Our programs integrate the fields of music and music education with the goal of nurturing academically-trained musicians and top-notch music educators.
These two fields – music and teaching – complement one another. Our students planning to become music teachers are given a strong basis in music education, while those seeking to become musicians and to foster their creative skills are also trained as teachers and receive practical occupational guidance. This complementary approach fulfills our twofold mission.
The Faculty of Music Education offers three programs:
  • Bachelor's degree in education (B.Ed), originally established by the Seminary for Teachers of Music, offered at the Tel Aviv campus, with additional special programs offered in Jerusalem (a special format) and in Safed (in Israel's north).
  • Master's degree in Music Education (M.Ed.).
  • Music Therapy (M.A.A.T).
Levinsky College of Education strives to promote community involvement. In accordance with this vision, our faculty is involved in dozens of cooperative projects and music education programs across Israel. For example, we have developed a network of contacts with educational institutes in many local government authorities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Our students who take part in these collaborative activities get hands-on training at preschools and schools, under the supervision of pedagogical counselors and educational teams. These initiatives are also the topic of ongoing research used to set current policy in the training process of music teachers.
The Faculty of Music Education strives to instill a love of music in people of all ages, from preschoolers to adults. We offer community programs across the country to all sectors of the population, among them ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs. We also seek to position the Levinsky College of Education as a center of culture and music, and for the past several years we have been offering a series of concerts for the general public.
Program for Bachelor's degree in Music Education (B.Ed.)
Graduates of this four-year program are entitled to a B.Ed. degree and a certificate to teach music to all age groups (preschool through 12th grade).
The Bachelor's program of studies is designed for students who have a background in music and who seek to become music teachers. The program prepares them for challenging work with diverse population groups (elementary school, middle school and high school, special education, adult education, senior citizens, toddlers and others) in a variety of educational and community settings.
The program of studies combines theoretical and practical courses. Students can take small group workshops, participate in vocal and instrumental ensembles, study musical composition and movement and gain practical experience in diverse settings, among them preschools, elementary and secondary schools, choirs and music conservatories.
The B.Ed. program offers students a wide variety of major fields of study, among them special education, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, choir conduction (including choirs for children and youth), theoretical music studies and more.
We also offer a program for musicians studying at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, enabling them to complete their bachelor's degrees. Musicians holding Bachelor's degrees in other fields of music – musical instruments, music conduction, musicology and the like – can be retrained as teachers, as can those with informal musical training who hold Bachelor's degrees in fields other than music, subject to completing required academic courses in music.
Program for Master's degree in Music Education (M.Ed)
Our Master's degree in music education program (M.Ed.) is the only one of its kind in Israel. It offers music educators a challenging and supportive academic setting for practical as well as theoretical professional development. During their studies, students examine interdisciplinary and multicultural outlooks in education, music and music education in order to develop their own worldviews and implement them intelligently in their work.
The program provides tools for developing students' personal vision and for empowering them as educational-musical leaders in their community and offers them diverse opportunities for professional advancement. The music educators who have completed our program hold broad and current cultural and social views and are aware of the interdisciplinary potential of music relative to other content areas. Our program prepares them to meet the challenges of identity posed by the multicultural society of 21st century Israel.
Program for Master's degree in Music Therapy
The Master's degree program in Music Therapy (M.A.A.T.) in the Faculty of Music Education is based upon the college's thirty years of experience in training music therapists.
Music therapy studies place emphasis upon community-social aspects by including and integrating patients as part of students' practical training. The program's clinical orientation focuses on developmental and dynamic approaches with therapeutic potential in the fields of psychotherapy, medicine and education. Music therapy, a paramedical therapeutic profession, uses music to meet the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of patients of all ages. Music therapy can improve the quality of life of healthy individuals as well as meet the special needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses.
The program's graduates work with populations whose therapeutic needs range from developmental, cognitive and motoric to social, emotional and psychological. The therapeutic and community settings where our graduates work include special education schools and preschools, government schools with special education settings (in accordance with the integration policy of the Special Education Law), therapeutic centers, hospitals and psychiatric hospitals, residential centers and rehabilitation centers.

The Music Library
The Music Library at the Levinsky College of Education offers pre-service teachers diverse elements of music for teaching and learning while placing special emphasis on classical and popular Israeli music and on music education. The library serves as a focal point containing diverse teaching and study aids on the topic of music: collections of books and musical scores, collections of recordings and databases geared to all students at the college. The goal is to help students become familiar with these materials for practical work in the schools, ongoing assignments, projects and seminars through an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary orientation.

The library strives to keep its collections up to date, helpful and relevant to users engaged in formal and informal music education from early childhood through preschool, elementary, secondary and high school.