Levinsky International School in Tel-Aviv

Levinsky International School in Tel-Aviv

Levinsky International School in Tel-Aviv

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Levinsky International School

Levinsky College's International School serves as a professional center for students and academics from various countries who wish to engage in a professional learning experience in a broad range of academic and educational fields.

Levinsky International Schooloffers both long and short term professional programs for students and teachers from universities, colleges and schools abroad. The programs are closely supervised by distinguished scholars and experienced practitioners who extend hands-on training to develop and promote future educators and community leaders.

Levinsky College of Educationhas been training excellent teachers and skilled educators for over a hundred years.Levinsky International Schoolwill extend this legacy to overseas students who wish to be closely acquainted with the Israeli academic and social-cultural atmosphere. Programs atLevinsky InternationalSchoolare offered to students who are Spanish and English speakers.

Levinsky International Schoolcultivates experts in a variety of educational and academic fields. It fosters educators who are attentive to theother, well integrated in the educational and sociological public systems, and deeply involved in community life.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education
One semester program for students from all over the world

The program Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education, offered by the International School at Levinsky College of Education, , is intended for students, leading educators, and academics who are keen to devote an entire semester to studying these topics. The program is based on three complementary components: advanced pedagogy, educational entrepreneurship, and digital technology in the service of education.

The program Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education is based on a conception of pedagogic innovation, an international horizon, and high-level academic study that will induce the program graduates to initiate, dare, innovate and change.

The program Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education combines high-quality academic studies, professional encounters with leading entrepreneurs and educators, interesting experiences in the city of Tel Aviv, tours of Israel, field trips, and cultural evenings.

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