Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew


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Over a Century of Teacher Education in Hebrew

Levinsky College of Education was the first institution in Israel to instruct preschool and school teachers in Hebrew. The college was established in 1912) in Tel Aviv by the Hovevei Zion (Lovers of Zion) movement. Its name perpetuates the memory of writer, journalist and Zionist activist Elhanan Leib Levinsky (1857-1911).

Levinsky College of Education has always strived to:

Provide and instill uncompromising academic excellence

Promote quality teaching and life-long learning

Initiate technological innovations

Cater to the changing needs of a pluralistic and multicultural society

The college was the first to use Hebrew as the language of instruction for teacher training, the first to formalize Jewish teacher education in Israel and the first to receive academic accreditation of all its teacher education programs. Levinsky College of Education (LCE) was also one of the first colleges in Israel to receive accreditation for its Master's degree program.

The staff continuously adapts the curriculum to the changing demands of society. Study methods and teaching aids are the most advanced in the country. The college emphasizes technology in education and trains students in the use of technology-enriched environments. Technology is integrated into many courses, and some are offered via e-learning.

A primary characteristic of LCE is the emphasis on expanded teaching experience. The college offers specializations such as Computers and Mathematics, Children's Literature, Art for Preschoolers, Music Education, Computers in Education, Special Education, Literature in High School, and Music Therapy.

The college maintains cooperative relationships with schools and kindergartens across the country, and its graduates are sought after by school principals.

Being among the largest colleges of education in Israel, LCE has trained some 42,000 teachers and educators over the years; many have left their mark on the educational system. The college helps trainee teachers acquire professional attitudes, while promoting Jewish, democratic and universal values. The college strives to provide solutions for the demanding requirements of a pluralistic, multicultural and dynamic society.

LCE offers a variety of Bachelor's and Master's programs in its Faculty of Education, Faculty of Music Education, Faculty of Multidisciplinary Studies, International School and School for Continuing Education.

Levinsky College of Education, a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency for Israel, was founded with the support of the Women's Division of the New York United Jewish Appeal. Donations will be regarded as a gift to a non-profit organization and are tax-deductible.

Did You Know?


Levinsky College of Education, founded in 1912, was the first teacher training institute in Israel to use Hebrew as language of instruction. The student body today numbers 6,000.

Levinsky College of Education's 42,000 graduates place it first among teacher training colleges in Israel. Our graduates leave an imprint on the Israeli education system through teaching, school administration and educational research and development.

More than 85 percent of teachers in Eilat are graduates of Levinsky College of Education. Our Eilat campus has been an important part of the educational system of Eilat and the surrounding communities for over 20 years.

58 kindergartens and schools in 13 cities across Israel are partnered with Levinsky College of Education. Every week, some 500 teacher trainees and more than 50 instructors work directly alongside local teaching staff to improve educational outcomes.

Some 15,000 students from elementary, secondary and teacher training colleges across Israel annually participate in the KeyNote Program, established jointly by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the LCE Faculty of Music Education in 2000.

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